Question: What are your products?
Answer: Our products are quality windows with a lot of options to choose from. We have different window vinyl color, decorative grids, decorative glass, safety glass and foam filling. Go to home page for more information on our products.
Question: What window services do you offer?
Answer: We offer installation, finishing and cleaning services. Maintenance instructions will be provided for all windows type.
Question: What is the ENERGY STAR program?
Answer: This is a program created by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S Department of Energy to help consumers take advantage of energy-efficient products. This promotes the economic and environmental benefits of the products through the energy star label and other program activities.
Question: How do I apply for your window service?
Answer: You can contact us on this number, 240-372-2907 or email us can also simply fill out the form on this website.
Question: How much do windows cost?
Answer: Fill out our form to find out just how affordable our full features windows are. Our windows will save you money on energy costs which means overtime, your new windows will almost pay for themselves.
Question:Do you have window sizes? If yes, what are the sizes?
Answer: We replace any size of windows, for your home or business. Contact us if you are not sure of your windows size so we could inspect and check it for you.
Question: What are the benefits of your windows?
Answer: Benefits of our Windows are:
  • We have safety glass, a transparent laminate that keeps broken glass intact. It also screens out 99% of the UV rays.
  • We have Foam Filling that can reduce energy costs over the life of the window.
  • It provides best protection to your home and family.
  • Our LowerE glass reduces solar heat gain during summer but draws the warmth during winter.
  • Our windows are made up of high quality, fine metals.
  • Our windows provide good ventilation inside the house.
  • Our windows provide safety locks that will secure your family and home.
  • Our windows will give a perfect look and function in your home.
  • Our windows are guaranteed well-built and last a lifetime.
Question: What are your Vinyl colors?
Answer: We have two types of Vinyl windows color- solid colors and two-tone colors. Solid colors are Linen White and Almond. Two-tone colors are Clay, Sahara Brown and Oak.
Question: Do you also have decorative windows?
Answer: We also provide decorative glass, these includes 3M Accentrim Glass, Obscure Glass and Resin Art Glass. See Home page for details and images.
Question: Who will do the installation?
Answer: Our trained and qualified professional team will do the installation.
Question: Do you have any current promotions?
Answer: FREE Glass Storm Door Installed with the purchase of select Replacement Window Packages from Congressional.
Question: Can I replace a broken glass myself?
Answer: Yes, you may replace the window sash or door panel yourself or let us do it for you. If you want to replace the broken glass yourself, you can always see our website for information. You can also contact us for our products list and we will do our best to help you.